Episode 27: A Walk in the Desert

Montuhotep II (Part I) at Thebes.

The First Intermediate Period is drawing to a close; the Thebans have conquered the North, at last. 

Now, Montuhotep II, King of Upper and Lower Egypt, must take a thought for the afterlife. To celebrate his victory, and ensure his immortality, the King expands his Mortuary Temple, now under construction west of Thebes.

The temple at Deir al-Bahari is a fascinating structure, which will influence tomb-builders right up to the legendary Hatshepsut of Dynasty 18. 

A stela of King Montuhotep II. The elongated proportions and bright eyes bear all the hallmarks of First Intermediate Period artwork. Louvre Museum of Art.


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The burial chamber of Montuhotep II.



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