Episode 22: Pepy Lives

Pepy II (Part II).

Twenty-five years into his reign, Pepy II is only thirty. Almost his entirely life has been spent at the head of a mighty kingdom, but can he rule effectively without guidance?

To assert his power abroad, Pepy sends officials as far afield as Nubia, Sinai and Lebanon.

These expeditions are commanded by members of two distinct families.

Pepynakht Heryib and his son, Sabni son of Pepynakht. The elder travels to Palestine, to retrieve the body of a fallen comrade; the younger journeys to Wawat (Nubia) to commission obelisks for Pepy II.

The family of Sabni (II) and Mekhu also travel into Nubia. Sabni II must retrieve the body of his father, while Mekhu must retrieve Sabni's body after he dies at Elephantine.