Episode 58. The Great Turnaround

Thutmose I and the Wars of


Thebes, 1519 BCE. Amunhotep I
is dead; Queen Mother Ahhotep is dead. Power has
shifted from one branch of the family to another, and a newcomer is
on the throne.

Thutmose I secures his legitimacy by marrying a
cousin and a sister of Amunhotep, then launches two campaigns of
war. In Nubia and in Syria he
subjugates, defeats and conquers, before encountering some
unexpected new foes.

A stone head, possibly of Thutmose I (Source:


The Egyptian territories in Nubia. Under
Thutmose I they extend to point (3), Dongola.


The extent of the Mitanni power in 1400 BCE
(some 120 years after this episode). The conflict between the
Mitanni and Thutmose took place somewhere
near Aleppo.



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