UFC 205 Roundtable w/ Chris & Sam - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #124

WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME and SURPRISE - it's a full strength Monday morning shot of triple-distilled Distraction Pieces goodness for your immediate attention!

Not so much a DrunkCast as a Sleep-DeprivedCast BUT no less on point and razor sharp, as Pip is joined by the DrunkCast regular and Distraction Pieces Champ/Redshift Rebels homie Mr Chris Glasson, as well as special guest Sam Marshall of Chester Le Street CrossFit (who you will know from various references and bigups in previous podcasts).
A very full on UFC reaction podcast right here as the trio go DEEP into UFC 205 and the results/events therein, as well as several nuggets and tidbits laced throughout. But really this is a proper UFC throwdown so if you're a UFC head, this one's you. If you're not necessarily familiar but are interested in the scene, then this is a perfect way to become accustomed to names, terms, the whole deal.

Join the gang for a pastry/coffee/gossip-filled chatgallery and powerful post-UFC face-off! Enjoy.

SCROOBIUS PIP: https://twitter.com/Scroobiuspipyo
CHRIS GLASSON: https://twitter.com/redshiftrebels
SAM MARSHALL: https://www.facebook.com/CrossFitchesterlestreet
SPEECH DEVELOPMENT RECORDS: https://scroobiuspip.backstreetmerch.com

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