Michaela Coel - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #129

WWW EEE LLL CCC OOO MMM EEE (all three welcomes wrapped up right there) to episode ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE of the Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip! Full on DPP greatness is assured as ever, as Pip catches up with the insanely awesome UK acting/writing/poetical treasure Michaela Coel!

From her early days knocking around Tower Hamlets in a pentecostal upbringing, and how a psalm triggered her interests in poetry, Michaela gets deep into what added up to her present day self, as a multi-talented and well respected TV heavy hitter - from her take on reading and books in general, to spirituality and where she's at with it all now, drama school, reality TV, Uber and its complex personal social code of conduct, how she was discovered on stage, right through to where we find her now as star of 'Aliens', 'Chewing Gum' (and writer of, of course) and 'Black Mirror'... A perfect and full on satisfying listen so go on and get on that immediately!

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