Hugo White of The Maccabees - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #170

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! To what? Come on now. You know what it is. You are now tuned into the ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTIETH episode of the Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip! As custom dictates, it's another smash, and another long overdue meeting at that - please tripley welcome Hugo White of The Maccabees! (aka Pip's new/long time best mate!)

Since destroying their recent farewell gig schedule, The Maccabees have been exploring all manner of individual and collaborative paths - it was an extremely heavy, emotional time but has left them with a world of creativity open to them. Hugo has made the absolute most of this, with the Maccas studio leaving an open door to him and his ideas, and here you can hear him relate to Pip (and YOU!) how his world has changed since the amiable disbanding. It's fascinating to hear he and Pip exchange notes on how long it takes to make songs, how these songs get tightened up to perfection in the touring process long after the album's release, fashioning a studio from a laptop to a fully furnished elaborate ordeal, daytime radio play and what that means exactly, the Brighton scene, how Hugo and his brother have become ambassadors of the MS Society, all underpinned by Pip's long running mantra which should be carved in stone somewhere - "it's not the gigs we get paid for, it's everything else..." - travel, inconvenience, all that... And you'll hear everything else all of that entails of course...

Get involved! I'm sure Pip will dig out a childhood photo of him, Kate Nash, Hugo White, Adele and Jack Penate in playschool at some point too - right Pip?

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