Helen Chamberlain - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #171

Welcome welcome welcome to episode ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE of the Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip! Thank you for tuning in, as always - your attention shall be rewarded handsomely, as is the DPP standard. A real lovely one this week as Pip properly catches up with his old mate and TV presenting legend Helen Chamberlain!

"No-one knows if I jumped of if I was pushed..."
Of course MANY of you will be well acquainted with Helen from her epic and heroic stint on Soccer AM (and will naturally still be heartbroken by her absence there), but to those of you who are unfamiliar - and those of you who know her solely from Soccer AM - this is a true breakdown of her career and how every step along the way has "accidentally" led to the next. From her current position looking after a seemingly unending crew of animals on her farm (rescue dogs - which you will hear from, alpacas, llamas, boars, ponies, horses, chickens and for sure there are more than that), which was preceded by her run on the chaotic and awesome and also very zoo-like Soccer AM (which changed and influenced the TV game in huge ways), she has been sports and animal-adjacent for a good portion of said career. But as you will hear, she has always landed on her feet on top of the game and won the hearts of those around her. Oh and she will mess you up good at poker too. Believe. Get to know and love Helen Chamberlain! Or get to love her MORE!

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