DrunkCast (Mk6) - Xmas Special Part 4 - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #130

WASSSUUUP WASSSUUUP WASSSUUUP to this, your fourth and therefore FINAL DrunkCast podcast of 2016 with your three very wise and verrry drunken men (that'll be Scroobius Pip, Chris Glasson and Stu Whiffen), and the two equally drunken souls who accompany the trio (Brett Goldstein and Romesh Ranganathan - actually Romesh is considerably more drunk than everyone else)! Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the final quarter of the mayhem...

So what do we have here... Well - you know the routine. And this time the gang started with the best of intentions to give you a full and comprehensive rundown, month by month, of the year, but as you will hear, these best intentions quickly unravel into untraceable tangents, full on banter assault and general intoxicated insanity... The views are not on the fence, the punches are not pulled... 'Tis the season for the world to be put to rights by the Distraction Pieces fellowship, so join in and come aboard - grab a ringside seat, secure your snacks and nestle into that chunky knit sweater... Oh, we're going IN on this one...

Have a gorgeous new year everyone, from the entire Distraction Pieces famalam! Thank you kindly for your ears and for your attention. We couldn't do it without you. Next year shall be nothing less than pure class at every step of the way. Be there with us won't ya... Huge love, folks!

SPOILER ALERTS!!! Potential Black Mirror spoiler at around the 7 minute mark - maybe around 3 minutes or so... Tread careful. Mild Interstellar spoiler at around 49:20 too. Just so you know. Some people hate that stuff. Understandably so!

ROMESH RANGANATHAN - https://twitter.com/RomeshRanga
BRETT GOLDSTEIN - https://twitter.com/brettgoldstein
CHRIS GLASSON - https://twitter.com/redshiftrebels
STU WHIFFEN - https://twitter.com/stuwhiffen
SCROOBIUS PIP - https://twitter.com/Scroobiuspipyo


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