DrunkCast (Mk6) - Xmas Special Part 3 - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #130

Triple welcome upon you as standard, as we enter the twilight hour with our fully refreshed cohorts in this, the third part of the OFFICIAL year in review - the absolute ONLY official year in review at that. Don't bother checking into whether that's true or not, just know that. DrunkCast season is now upon us!

...so I said to my sensai...

Season greetings to each and every one of you, however you get down at this time of year, whether you identify with annual gift giving day or not, as you are all cordially invited to engage in further inebriated ramblings (and indeed structured, cohesive and logical debate, conversation and sensible exchanges of thought - bigups to 'Alterntive Chris') with ROMESH RANGANATHAN, BRETT GOLDSTEIN and your regular DrunkCast homies CHRIS GLASSON, STU WHIFFEN and yer host SCROOBIUS PIP! Alas, we are not in the salubrious confines of the Whiff Inn for this one, but deep in the Soho Radio labs - all good though - you can expect some full on UFC/MMA chat (at Brett and Romesh's express request), peak time dancefloor talk, rap banter, comic book movie corner, tons more... Oh, and a salmon ladder. No time to explain!

ROMESH RANGANATHAN - https://twitter.com/RomeshRanga
BRETT GOLDSTEIN - https://twitter.com/brettgoldstein
CHRIS GLASSON - https://twitter.com/redshiftrebels
STU WHIFFEN - https://twitter.com/stuwhiffen
SCROOBIUS PIP - https://twitter.com/Scroobiuspipyo


Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip

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