Dignity In Dying (w/ Lloyd & Mick) - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip #121

Welcome, welcome, welcome to this week's Distraction Pieces Podcast, episode 121 at that! A truly powerful episode too, as Pip heads up to the offices of Dignity In Dying to speak with Lloyd and Mick about the charity and all details within...

You may have noticed in listening to the Distraction Pieces podcast that there is something of a through-line for the most part. Death. Death comes up frequently, but as you will also have noticed, it is rarely spoken about in a morbid, depressing or negative manner - it is something we ALL have in common, and as such it is a fascinating subject to discuss to get the views of others.

Introducing Lloyd, research and policy officer at Dignity In Dying, and Mike, who has strong connections with it through a number of very personal situations which you will hear about. While the stories, the current situations regarding assisted dying in the UK (and worldwide) and indeed the subject itself can prove heavy and intense, this is an ultimately extremely uplifting and positive chat which deals with the great work Dignity In Dying does in campaigning for legal assisted dying, as well as their sister company Compassion In Dying. It raises very interesting points of discussion about the current laws, which criminalise unnecessarily and wrap up the lives of mature adults in red tape, and just so much more. A truly fascinating, educational and poignant episode.

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