Dave & Dave Unchained - A Van Halen podcast: Episode #6 (part 2)

EPISODE #6 (part 2) – This time around the Daves discuss Sammy Hagar’s apology to Van Halen on the Oprah Winfrey Network plus one of the Dave’s recent backstage encounter with Gene Simmons of KISS that stirs up theories about Eddie and Alex Van Halen’s involvement in recording the 1977 KISS hit, “Christine Sixteen.” Additionally, they talk with singer Buddy Blanchard who takes on the David Lee Roth role in the Van Halen tribute band, ROMEO DELIGHT.

Dave & Dave Unchained Van Halen podcast

“Dave & Dave Unchained” is a Van Halen themed podcast that focuses on everything in the world of VH plus the solo careers of its members. Hosts are David J. Criblez and David A. Marcone. Contact them via Twitter: @ddunchained, Facebook: Dave-Dave Unchained, Instagram: ddunchainedpodcast or email: ddunchainedpodcast@gmail.com