The CBF Verb Fix – Introduction


Welcome to this introductory episode of the Coffee Break French Verb Fix in which we explain the concepts behind this course and offer an introduction to the whole idea of French verbs: how they work, what it means to conjugate a verb, and the meanings of the four main tenses we’re covering in the course.

This show is your weekly fix of Coffee Break French, and through the weekly episodes we’ll help you “fix” your French verbs. We believe that mastering your verbs is the key to developing confidence in written and spoken French. The Verb Fix will help you to learn the conjugations of each verb in the present, perfect, imperfect and future tenses. With the help of repetition, interactive quizzes and even musical backing tracks, you’ll be building your confidence in verbs in no time!

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Accessing the Premium Version

The premium version of The Coffee Break French Verb Fix provides additional materials which will help you build your knowledge of French verbs more effectively with your mastery of French verbs. The premium version is in the form of downloadable pdf lesson notes which include the following additional elements:

  • Verb tables: each verb is listed in the four tenses covered in the main lesson (present, perfect, imperfect and conditional) so that you can see the written form of the verbs and learn the structures and patterns more effectively;

  • Bonus verb tables: in addition to the main tenses we’ve also included the conjugations for the conditional, present subjunctive, past historic, pluperfect, future perfect and conditional perfect tenses;

  • Exercises: test your understanding with our translation quizzes – full answer key provided!

  • Bonus Audio: don’t want to listen to the whole show again? We’ve included the “Big Four” audio which extracts just the four main tenses of each verb in the members’ version.

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