16) Dennis Crowley - Founder & Chairman, Stockade FC | Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Foursquare

Dennis Crowley is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Foursquare, a location based tech company that is used by more than 50 million people monthly across 100 countries. Previously, he founded Dodgeball, one of the first location-based mobile social services (acquired by Google in 2005). In 2015 he founded Kingston Stockade Football Club, a soccer team out of Hudson Valley, NY, that plays in the 4th tier of US Soccer.

Joins us as we discuss his journey from a small-town beginning in Medway, Massachusetts, to becoming one of the tech industry’s star entrepreneurs. And today also, the owner of a semi-professional sports team. Dennis touches on his passion for building things, the state of smaller teams & leagues in US Soccer, and the ongoing promotion/relegation debate. He also shares multiple insights on how to create successful startups, turning “ideas over beers” into realities, managing teams, and a step-by-step tutorial for anyone wanting to start a soccer team. All that and much more!

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Dennis’ phenomenal blog posts on how to start and manage a soccer team.

“So, Let’s Build A Professional Soccer Team From Scratch …”

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Operating a Division 4 Soccer Club (But Were Afraid to Ask)

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