Children’s Privacy Notice

Hey there, podcast pals! We’re the Acast crew, the cool folks behind your favorite podcast adventures. If you are reading this, it is probably because you enjoy listening to a good story while on your way to school or before going to bed, but want to understand what information we collect from you and how we use it. In this document we will explain to you just that. 

If there is anything you don’t get here, no worries! You can always write to us at, or you can ask a grown-up to explain it for you. We also have a super detailed document for grown-ups, which you can find here, but that’s for them to tackle. 

1. What information do we collect and why?

To allow you to enjoy your favorite podcast shows, we collect some information about you. This information is never used to deliver personalized advertisements based on what you like and we do not use it to track your behavior on the internet. We just want to make sure you get the podcasts you love. Here’s the rundown: 

  • What information we collect - When you listen to a show, we collect your IP address and User Agent information. Your IP address is a bit like a home address for your computer, phone, or any gadget that goes online. Just as your home address helps mail find its way to your house, an IP address helps information find its way to your device on the internet. Your User Agent is the combination of the device that you are using to listen to the show, and the app you are listening to the show on. For example, if you are listening to an episode of your favorite podcast via Spotify on your iPhone, your User Agent will be a combination of your Spotify app and your iPhone device. 

  • Why we collect this information - There are several reasons why we need to collect this information from you. The main reason is because we need to make sure you get the right show. Plus, it also helps us do the following: 
    • Show you ads based on where you are. So, if you are in Sweden, Swedish ads will come your way. Travel to France, and voilà, French ads!
    • Make reports for podcasters and advertisers, or for our internal use here at Acast.  
    • Understand, identify or fix problems with our services. 
    • Develop or improve our services. 
    • Make sure that our services are safe and secure.
    • Obey local laws. 
  • Why it’s legal - Acast has a good reason (aka legitimate interest) to use your information the way we do. For example we need your information in order to help us fix problems or simply because it is necessary to allow you to listen to your favorite show. We will never use your information in a way that is considered “nosy” or not allowed. 

2. Who sees your information and where is it? 

The Acast team is like a big podcast family, and they can see your information. We share it within Acast to keep the podcast world spinning. Sometimes we need to work with other companies to help us do things and they could be in different countries. When we do this we have a written agreement with them to make sure your information is protected.

3. For how long do we keep your information?

We keep your information for about 30 days from your last listening session. 

4. What are your rights?

You can: 

  • Ask us for a copy of information we have got about you.
  • Ask us to change information we have got about you, if it is wrong.
  • Ask us to delete information we have got about you.
  • Tell us if you are worried about the way we are keeping or using information about you, if you want it to stop or want to make a complaint.

You can do this by contacting us in one of the following ways: 

If you are not sure about how to reach us, just ask your parents or legal guardians to lend a hand!