Fueling the F1 obsession: Exploring the surge of Formula One podcasts in 2023

Fueling the F1 obsession: Exploring the surge of Formula One podcasts in 2023

Written by Emi Geddes and Alexandra FullerPartner Manager and Snr Partner Manager, UK Content2023.05.23

Rev your engines and get ready for the ride of your life because Formula One is taking the world by storm, and podcasts are in pole position. In 2023, F1 podcasts exploded in popularity, giving fans a new way to get under the hood of the world of high-octane racing. A record 24% of UK respondents say they follow or are interested in F1, putting it only behind football events & Wimbledon.

Here at Acast, we're proud to host the best F1 podcasts out there, featuring expert analysis, insider knowledge, and engaging conversations with the biggest names in the sport. Podcast listening for F1 podcasts has exploded; compared to the same time in the season last year, with listening up 206%. 

Formula 1 has always been the sport of speed, adrenaline, and intense competition. But in recent years, it has transformed into something even more exciting—a global phenomenon that has captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. One significant factor contributing to F1's recent popularity is the hit Netflix series "Drive to Survive", with the viewership of F1 races up 41% after airing. The show gives fans an inside look at the personalities, rivalries, and drama that unfolds on and off the track. The series has given F1 a more mainstream audience, with new fans being drawn in by the sport's high-tech cars and global appeal. And with the rise of social media, F1 has become more accessible to fans worldwide, giving them a front-row seat to the action no matter where they are.

“Drive to Survive” helped boost popularity with women and particularly in new territories. For example, the sport has now seen unprecedented growth in the USA, a country that historically has had a low viewership of F1 for many years. In contrast, the 2021 USA GP ended up being the most attended event in the sport’s history at that time, while 2023 will see Las Vegas hosting a race that will take place on the Strip. We see this popularity reflected in podcast listening; P1, a new UK-based podcast for new F1 fans is now one of Acast’s biggest Sports podcasts in the US, while F1 Chequered Flag, the BBC’s F1 podcast, achieves its second-highest listens in the US.

So if you are a fan of “Drive To Survive”, why not give our selection of F1 podcasts a listen? They offer a unique perspective on the sport, with hosts and guests who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. From former drivers and team owners to journalists and broadcasters, F1 podcasts feature some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the sport, offering insights and analysis you won't find anywhere else.

A starting grid of F1 podcasts on Acast

Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham are two diehard F1 fans, here to bring you all the latest news, reaction, predictions and opinions from the best sport in the world. From every Ferrari strategy blunder to spicy off-track controversies, we’ll be in your ears keeping you up to speed.

Team Principal Greg James has signed up sports presenter Betty Glover, broadcast journalist and lifelong F1 fanatic Christian Hewgill and a rolling cast of some of the biggest drivers in the world. It’s a podcast for die-hard fans as well as those who are curious to find out more about this fascinating world and the characters that inhabit it. 

Providing insightful analysis, race reviews, and interviews with drivers, team personnel, and experts in the world of Formula 1. Chequered Flag offers F1 fans a comprehensive overview of the latest news, updates, and discussions surrounding the sport, including race previews, post-race analysis, and insights into the technical aspects of F1.

Spanners and Matt Trumpets lead a crew of varying competence through the joys of Formula One. They break down races, chat with drivers and experts, and give you the inside scoop on everything F1. It's interactive too, so you can join in the fun.

Jon Jackson brings you the latest from the world of motorsport covering every Formula 1 race and taking you behind-the-scenes with exclusive access to the all-electric Formula E World Championship. New episodes drop every Wednesday.