Acast Launches ‘Lemme Fix It!’ Podcast with Franchesca Ramsey and De’Lon Grant

Acast Launches ‘Lemme Fix It!’ Podcast with Franchesca Ramsey and De’Lon Grant

The award-winning entertainment industry duo revisits and reimagines major cultural moments in new podcast


Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, today announced the launch of ‘Lemme Fix It!’ a new podcast from the award-winning entertainment industry duo and longtime friends Franchesca Ramsey and De’Lon Grant. The new weekly podcast explores cultural moments, celebrity history, nostalgic  products and brands, to discuss the influence on society at the time and then imagines a modern twist or “fix” for the topic. 

Prior to launching ‘Lemme Fix It!” with Acast, Ramsey and Grant have long  been titans of the entertainment industry. Ramsey is an actor, writer, and sought-after public speaker. She was the creator and star of the award-winning web series MTV Decoded, former writer and correspondent for Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore as well as producer and writer of the Paramount+ reboot of the hit show iCarly. She is also the author of the NAACP award nominated book Well That Escalated Quickly and previously worked as a graphic designer for brands including Ann Taylor and Maybelline.

“Anytime De’lon and I get together, we spend half the time  cracking up and the other half plotting our world domination, and ‘Lemme Fix It!’ captures that dynamic perfectly. It’s all about digging into our favorite pop culture moments, one hit wonders and brands and then offering them some tough love. As if to say, sure you flopped the first time around but we know we can fix you!” Ramsey said.

Her counterpart of the microphone, Grant, is an accomplished singer, actor and photographer. Most recently, Grant starred in  Broadway’s Tony Award Winning production Come From Away.

“Lemme Fix It!” is a culmination of more than 20 years of friendship between Fran and I, along with endless twists and turns in our entertainment careers. One minute we’re roasting each other like no one else can, and then we’re offering tangible branding advice, sometimes gleaned from our own career mistakes. It’s almost like being in a marketing meeting with two of the funniest (and hottest) people you know,”said Grant.

For advertisers, Acast’s position in the open ecosystem enables them to reach ‘Lemme Fix It!’ listeners across every listening platform. Additionally, Acast’s advanced targeting technology allows advertisers to connect with audiences on granular levels including based on geography, first-party data, and even conversations had within the podcast episode itself.

“As podcasting continues to grow, the medium also continues to be a playground for creatives like Franchesca and De’Lon to thrive, Acast’s position in the open ecosystem enables them to connect with audiences in every corner of the podcasting world,” said Interim Managing Director for the Americas at Acast Tiffany Ashitey. 

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