Acast and Slip.Stream Strike a Chord with Podcasters in new Music Licensing Partnership

Acast and Slip.Stream Strike a Chord with Podcasters in new Music Licensing Partnership

Acast podcasters gain access to more than 70,000 songs for use in content creation


Acast, the world’s largest independent podcast company, today announced a new partnership with Slip.Stream, the largest royalty-free music platform, that allows Acast podcasters access to more than 70,000 songs for use in their content creation. The first podcast partnership for Slip.Stream will see all 100,000 Acast podcasters receive “Pro Level” access free for six months, and a special discount offer to upgrade to an annual Pro plan thereafter.

“Whether it’s used for intros or outros, or to set a tone or drive action in a plot, music is an important element that makes a podcast memorable and engaging for listeners. Now, through this partnership with Slip.Stream, Acast is making it even easier for podcasters to discover the right song for every transition, story climax, and anything else in their creative process,” said Veronika Taylor, SVP of the Creator Network at Acast. “Music has played a key role in the rise in production quality as podcasting has matured and today’s audiences have become accustomed to that high quality audio production and storytelling. Including music in episodes can help podcasters to meet these heightened audience expectations for an engaging experience.” 

According to research conducted by Acast,  85% of listeners say that the quality of music in podcasts has improved in recent years and 74% say they prefer to listen to podcasts that use music to set the tone and mood of an episode. Another 60% prefer podcasts ads with music.

“Music has the power to evoke the full spectrum of human emotion. Podcasters know how to tell a compelling audio story, but can often be challenged to find songs that fit their creative needs and are safe to use on their podcast,” said Jesse Korwin, Chief Marketing Officer at Slip.Stream. “Through this partnership, Acast and Slip.Stream are helping more podcasters enhance their storytelling and create more engaging content for their audiences by giving them access to more than 70,000 songs they can begin using in their podcast production.”

Each week, Slip.Stream updates curated playlists for podcasters to pull from for inspiration in creating their own story soundtracks. 

This news follows a series of product innovations and strategic partnerships by Acast to improve the podcaster experience around the globe, including the recent Pod Power Up campaign, the Acast Amplifier Project, the launch of AdCollab, and more.

About Acast

Since 2014, Acast has been creating the world’s most valuable podcast marketplace, building the technology which connects podcast creators, advertisers and listeners. Its marketplace spans more than 100,000 podcasts, 2,300 advertisers and 400 million monthly listens. Crucially, those listens are monetized wherever they happen - across any podcasting app or other listening platform.

The company operates worldwide and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Acast is listed on the Nasdaq First North Premier Growth Market (ACAST.ST).

About Slip.Stream is the largest music platform for creators with over 70,000 creator-safe tracks and 60,000 sound effects. The platform provides its 300,000+ users access to music from some of the most-respected record labels and artists in the industry, bleeding edge AI tools to help them discover the best music for their content quickly, and the most affordable pricing, including a Free plan. In a world driven by UGC, they are building bridges between creators and musicians alike.