The Podcast Show: Pods Of Gold: The Next Big Global Market

The Podcast Show: Pods Of Gold: The Next Big Global Market

Insights from the Moderator's Perspective

Written by Adam UytmanCreator Network Business Development Director, International2023.06.20

The Podcast Show has quickly become one of the industry's most significant events. This year, I had the privilege of moderating an Acast panel with the goal to explore the future of podcasting, its evolution, and its unlimited potential. We aimed to highlight the rapidly growing markets in the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia, bringing together voices from around the world to share insights in London.

An Eclectic Mix of Global Perspectives: Our panel consisted of Ramsey G. Tesdell, Co-Founder & CEO of Sowt, who represented the Middle East. Titus van Dijk, Founder & CEO of Tonny Media, who represented the Netherlands, and Norman Chella, Podcast Librarian at Podchaser, who joined us from Malaysia. Together, they shared their experiences and showcased the uniqueness of their respective markets. Here are three key takeaways from the discussion:

  1. Cultural nuance matters: While global players like the BBC, Economist, and Financial Times will always have an audience for distributing audio with globally significant themes and agendas worldwide, accelerated growth in developing markets will come from the creation of localised content that understands the cultural nuances of specific regions. The Middle East is a prime example of a region that has seen an explosion in the production of Arabic language content that engages with the audience in a truly authentic way.
  1. The Netherlands stands out: Known for its innovation-driven economy, it comes as no surprise that the Netherlands has quickly adapted to podcasting, establishing itself as one of Europe's most advanced programmatic markets. The country is widely recognised as a major player in the podcasting industry, boasting an extensive network of publishers and creators. For example, Acast has surpassed 11 million monthly listens in this market.
  1. Untapped potential still exists: There is ample room for growth. Identifying gaps and underserved areas presents opportunities for both creators and advertisers in these three corners of the world. For example, in Southeast Asia, there is an opportunity to discover niches with limited competition or where listener needs are not fully met. Advertisers are experiencing a great return on their investment due to undersaturated markets and the ability to reach engaged audiences that are continuing to grow.

One thing all panelists agreed on is that the opportunities in podcasts are endless. And that at its core, podcasting's power lies in the spoken word, connecting people on a fundamental level. 

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