Podcasting for Brands in Singapore: Key Insights from Acast’s Content360 Panel

Podcasting for Brands in Singapore: Key Insights from Acast’s Content360 Panel


With the growing competition for audience attention, podcasting has emerged as a highly compelling proposition for brands. The recent Content360 conference in Singapore featured a panel discussion by Acast, offering valuable insights into the power of podcasts as a marketing tool and how they can be effectively integrated into the marketing and media mix.

The panelists

Timi Siytangco, Acast’s Key Account Director, International for Asia, who leads commercial growth in the region and is establishing Acast’s on-the-ground presence, moderated the conversation with marketing professional and entrepreneur Melvin Lim, CEO of Property Lim Brothers, and Reggie Koh, founder and host of The Financial Coconut podcast.

Property Lim Brothers upended real estate marketing with their signature Home Tour videos and data-driven educational blog. In 2020 they launched their first podcast, Nuggets On The Go, to deliver timely information to property buyers and sellers in a convenient way. Today they host 3 shows and podcasts are an integral part of their marketing ecosystem.

The Financial Coconut is Singapore's first podcast network dedicated to personal finance. Reggie shared hard-earned insights from producing and growing the podcast and working with advertisers. 

Podcasts as a strategic marketing channel

For PropertyLim Brothers (PLB), a strategic decision to launch a podcast filled a crucial gap in their customer engagement strategy. Recognising that in the real estate industry, individuals play dual roles as both buyers and sellers, with varying informational needs at different stages of their journey, PLB sought to provide a tailored content channel to cater to these diverse needs.

With a well-established YouTube channel for house tours, a comprehensive blog for analysis, and active social media platforms for bite-sized content, PLB identified podcasts as the missing piece that could offer convenience and accessibility for customers on-the-go. It became the ideal platform to feature experts in each episode and allow them the freedom to excel in their areas of expertise through conversations.

The decision to venture into podcasting proved successful for PLB Realty, leading them to expand their podcast lineup with two additional shows, namely Sofa So Good and PLB Assembly.

Melvin, the driving force behind PLB Realty's content strategy, emphasizes that their focus is not solely on short-term returns. Sustaining their podcasting efforts has required a significant investment, with 40 out of their 110 employees actively involved in content creation and media work. By prioritising the podcasting platform and investing in a dedicated content team, PLB Realty has effectively addressed the information needs of their audience while strengthening their overall brand presence in the real estate industry.

The impact of sponsored host-reads

Sponsored host-reads have a significant impact, especially for brands operating in specific categories like personal finance, where long-form content such as branded podcast episodes featuring company executives is preferred. Reggie, a strong advocate for sponsored host-reads, shared:

“If a finance brand runs branded episodes, they need to provide balanced content that serves an audience – and not just push their executives and their products,” he says. “But if a brand doesn’t have enough content or bandwidth to execute, I always recommend a short sponsored host-read instead. One client was so skeptical I ran some without telling them, just to prove it would work. They called me within the week asking why they were getting all these inbound inquiries.” 

How brands can get started 

Creating a successful branded podcast often requires a strong foundation in content production and experience across various channels, which not all brands may possess. However, brands can still incorporate podcasts into their marketing strategy by partnering with existing podcasts that resonate with their target audience and align with their brand values. The majority of brands take this approach with Acast, taking a strong central idea that comes to life creatively across both sponsorships and audio ads.

Podcasting: Growing, trusted media

Podcasting in Singapore and Southeast Asia is in growth mode. At Acast we know that podcasting is a powerful medium, and our focus is on enabling brands in Southeast Asia to leverage this opportunity to reach the most attentive audience available to advertisers.

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