2022: The year of the podcast resolution

2022: The year of the podcast resolution

As we head into 2022 with new year’s resolutions aplenty, Acast reveals that more than 1 in 10 of us are planning to launch our own podcast in the coming year


Podcasting is already a globally established phenomenon, with millions already embracing the medium as a full-time profession, side hustle or hobby. But, according to new research from Acast — the world’s leading independent podcast company — even more people plan to pick up the mic in 2022. Acast’s survey* of 500 people in the UK found that more than 1 in 10 (12.4%) are intending to set up and start a podcast of their own this year.

And 42% of those planning to share their stories with the world said it was specifically a new year’s resolution, with 60% saying they aim to launch their new show towards the start of the year — February being the most popular month.

The results underpin many 2022 industry predictions that suggest podcasting will emerge as a cornerstone of the creator economy in 2022. Matt MacDonald, Chief Product Officer at Acast, said: “The people we surveyed were members of the UK public — not already established podcasters or names — which underpins our belief that podcasting should be open to everyone, and reinforces the accessibility of the medium.

“Having your own podcast is a great resolution for 2022 — it requires minimal equipment or set-up and, if you’ve got a story to share, podcasting will help you find your audience. It’s our mission to inspire people and give them the confidence and support they need to start their podcasting journey — so many new year’s resolutions are broken, but this is one we would love to see come to fruition.”

Anyone looking to launch a podcast in 2022 can visit for more information about Acast’s market-leading hosting, distribution and monetisation services.

*Source OnePulse — Sample 500 Nat Rep respondents / 62 prospective podcast creators, December 2021