BGT EPISODE 57: Imposter Syndrome

We talk about Imposter Syndrome, what we've earned and why we're afraid to ask for what we deserve. But first: BIEBER WATCH, THE FORMATION TOUR, The Malcolm X of cornrows and some other stuff (a lot of stuff).

Biebz for GQ:
We Slay, Part I:
In Beyoncé's 'Formation,' A Glorification Of 'Bama' Blackness:
Black Lives Matter Co-Founder to Beyonce: 'Welcome to the Movement':
"The Day Beyoncé Turned Black":
13 Charts That Will Make Total Sense To People With Impostor Syndrome:
We Are Being Set Up To Fail — & It Should Make You Mad As Hell:
If You Have Imposter Syndrome, Don’t Tell People What To Do, Tell Them What Works: