016 - White Belt Curriculum (Part 1)

The Argument Ninja training program that I'm developing is inspired by martial arts training principles. The curriculum is spread over nine belt ranks (white belt, yellow belt, orange belt, etc. )

In this episode I give an overview of the learning modules that make up the white belt curriculum, and dive deep into the second module, an introduction to Argument Analysis.

In This Episode:

Overview of the White Belt Modules (2:20)

Module 1: What is an Argument Ninja? (4:20)

The Goals of Critical Thinking (4:56)

We Have a Problem (5:41)

Solution: The Argument Ninja Academy (6:47)

Module 2: Argument Analysis (I) (8:35)

Worry: No One Talks Like This (9:00)

It's About Learning the Principles (10:22)

Wax-on, Wax-off (11:38)

Definition of an Argument (14:35)

Demanding Clarity (20:30)

Vagueness and Ambiguity (22:00)

Example: Is Trump a Conservative? (23:55)

Argument Analysis Skills (26:30)

Comment: Argumentation vs Persuasion (28:00)

Example: "Make America Great Again" (29:13)

Wrapping Up (31:11)