013 - Avatars for Critical Thinking (Brainstorming the Argument Ninja Academy)

In this episode I talk about how the program I'm developing for the Argument Ninja Academy will differ from the Critical Thinker Academy, and outline my instructional design goals for the new program.

I also describe the kinds of personality types, or "avatars", that are most strongly attracted to this kind of material.

I've named these avatars the Scientist, the Philosopher, the Persuader, the Analyst, and the Butterfly.

In This Episode:

- The difference between what I'm currently offering at the Critical Thinker Academy and what I plan to offer at the Argument Ninja Academy

- Brainstorming the design of an online teaching and learning experience

- My objectives for the Argument Ninja program:

-- solving the central problem that plagues critical thinking education today

-- providing a resource for critical thinking educators
support for professional training as well as independent consumer training

-- adaptive learning

-- gamification and progression features modeled on martial arts progression

- Five personality types -- "avatars" -- that are attracted to the material at the Critical Thinker Academy, and who I will serve in the new Argument Ninja Academy:

(1) the Scientist

(2) the Philosopher

(3) the Persuader

(4) the Analyst

(5) the Butterfly

Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions? Let me know!

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