012 - Trump, Persuasion and Hypnosis

This is the first episode since Donald Trump won the election, so you know I've got to talk about Trump!

In this episode I take up the question that Scott Adams has framed for us: is Donald Trump some kind of "master persuader" who uses persuasion techniques familiar to anyone trained in hypnosis? And is this the reason why he won the election?

In This Episode:

- Help me build the Argument Ninja Academy

- Scott Adams on Donald Trump: Master Persuader

- "Pacing and leading", Milton Erickson and hypnosis

- Confusion and hypnotic suggestibility

- Confusion and self-defense

- Confusion and the "Chewbacca Defense"

- Derren Brown: how to steal with hypnosis

- Hypnosis stage acts and the spectrum of hypnotizability

- Why Scott Adams was confident that Trump would win

- Is Trump a master persuader?

- Thinking critically about persuasion schools and persuasion science


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