008 - Mixed Martial Arts for Argument Ninjas

If we think of rational persuasion as a martial art, what kind of martial art should it be? In this episode I argue that a mixed martial arts approach is the only one that makes sense.

But there’s a problem. Philosophical principles play an obvious and important role in traditional martial arts practices, like Taekwondo. They don’t seem to play an important role in mixed martial arts (or if they do, it’s not obvious.) An MMA program for Argument Ninjas needs a philosophy grounded in core critical thinking principles. In this episode I explore these issues.

- The clash of martial arts styles and the emergence of mixed martial arts

- Taekwondo as an example of a traditional martial art

- Rules of Taekwondo sparring

- Why would anyone choose to train in a single martial art style?

- Lessons learned from sparring and competition

- Examples of Taekwondo philosophy

- What would a philosophy of mixed martial arts (MMA) look like?

- Bruce Lee’s influence on MMA

- Bruce Lee’s philosophy of martial arts

- Persuasion Ninja vs Argument Ninja

Argument Ninja: Critical Thinking as a Martial Art

The Argument Ninja podcast is dedicated to helping you improve your skills at rational persuasion. Let philosopher Kevin deLaplante introduce you to a unique approach to critical thinking, inspired by martial arts training principles, that combines logic and argumentation with the latest research on the psychology of persuasion and belief.

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