Acast Recommends US Podcaster Q&A — Are We Still Talking about this?

Posted by acast on Mar 14, 2019 5:13 PM

For this week’s US Acast Recommends, we are doing a Q&A with Adam Kaplan from “Are We Still Talking About This?”

Describe your podcast in 2-3 sentences. “Are We Still Talking About This” is a podcast that features vulnerable conversations with iconic artists, filmmakers, and comedians about how anxiety interfaces with their creative processes; the successes, trials, and tribulations of their artistic and human pursuits; and advice they have for those who might be experiencing similar challenges. Jessica, a comedy writer/producer and anxious person, and Adam, a former therapist and current writer/producer/anxious person, use their own experiences, as well as the experiences of their guests to entertain, normalize and commiserate.
What’s your fave episode so far?: Artie Lange: At Home
Why did you start your podcast? A lot of our friends (like Artie Lange, Gary Gulman, Jonathan Ames, Melissa Febos et al) indulge in existential crises, anxiety and self-doubt as well, so we thought we would talk about it. And record it. And disseminate it.
What is your favorite experience so far being a podcaster? Hearing from listeners who express that the podcast is enjoyable, relatable, and helps them navigate at least a bit of life’s nonsense.
What are 3 pods you love that are NOT yours? My Dad Wrote a Porno, Dear John, Hardcore History
Tell us one last thing. Things will be OK. You just have to talk about it. (<– we love that)

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