Episode 12: Casual Negro Spirituals (with Jean Grae)

This week, we're bringing you a vintage episode with our very talented in-house musician, Jean Grae.  She chats with us about being a woman of many hats and why she can't get behind the term "femcee."  Then we try some dating apps - not at all because our love lives could use a lil boost, but instead strictly for, you know, podcast research.  Really.  You believe us, right?Follow Jean Grae on Twitter @JeanGreasy. Follow us: @heavenrants and @brokeymcpovertyEmail us: anotherround@buzzfeed.comSubscribe to the Another Round newsletter at buzzfeed.com/anotherround/newsletter. Merch is back! Tees! Totes! They're so cute: shop.buzzfeed.comLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices