Why Acast?

When you advertise with Acast you reach 18 million unique individuals across our 45 million monthly listenings. You reach them in the context of the Financial Times podcast or the Economist podcasts, or Vogue podcasts. Or any of our other premium podcasts. The people you reach will be interested in the content and they will listen through headphones. Welcome to Acast!

Podcast advertising is more effective

Listeners spend more time with podcasts than any other audio, consuming an average of five episodes per week.
With 90% of listeners consuming podcasts up close and in-ear, an intimate bond is formed between the host and listener.
Listeners hit download and listen immediately for seamless consumption. A majority of the listening occurs at home away from distraction.
Podcast listeners are more likely to have a college or higher education along with a $100k+ househould income.

Formats and opportunities


Go back to basics with an audio spot, the starting point for any Acast campaign. These can be effective when video and display banners cannot be displayed.

Video & Display

Our unique technology means you can show dynamic videos and display banners to promote your brand.


We seamlessly integrate sponsored content, providing the same metrics you’d expect from a traditional publishing platform.

Go beyond the host-read ads with branded segments

Acast Branded Segments are hightouch, 3-5 minute audio stories in the mid-roll/post-roll position. These extended spots can include interviews with customers or company representatives and more.

Case study: Bet365 & The Football Ramble

Bet365 have partnered with the Football Ramble to launch a new Football Ramble weekly show released on Fridays.

The show previews the weekend’s up and coming football fixtures and featured betting tips, suggestions and a feature where the team provide their very own bet of the week.

The partnerships includes branding on cover art, web and social presence and access to Football Ramble live events.

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