Episode 47: Recipes for Miracles with Maria Kellis

Maria is a scientist, into business, an entrepreneur, healer, among others. She teaches people how to create miracles.


Having cure herself from not being able to walk and from having excruciating physical pain for years she now lives a joyful life traveling the world and share with us her journey, insights and the key aspects of her own transformation for all of us.


Maria talks about what to do when we have lost all hope, when we are in deep pain. She talks about our potential power, love, gratitude, laughter and transformation.



“I came to these realizations through pain and adversity… and I realized that this is not necessary anymore, its an old paradigm.

We can live in happiness, in peace, in abundance… we can be empowered to live our own choice and let go to any karmic imprint that keep us prisoners to what is not necessary anymore. I learn the hard way and I teach others not to make the same mistakes”



“I feel that I deserve to be here, that I deserve love, beauty. And I feel so much gratitude, so much appreciation for where I am. I literally go around saying thank you to everyone”


“I decided to use pain as my guide, realizing it´s information and started using gratitude”



“Pain can only exist in low vibration. As we change our vibration pain not longer exist because it doesn’t vibrate at that level”


You can connect with Maria on her website http://mariakellis.com/


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