10 English Idioms : New Top Gear

Idioms discussed in this podcast: 1. Car-crash television = a programme that is so bad that you have to watch it to see how bad it is; 2. A hard act to follow = somebody who was very popular in a previous role; 3. A square peg in a round hole = somebody who is unsuitable in a certain position; 4. Pride comes before a fall = if you behave arrogantly you can expect to fail; 5. Calm down = don't be stressed; 6. Viewers are switching off in droves = many people have stopped watching; 7. Canned laughter = recorded laughter added to the soundtrack of a TV programme; 8. "The way Top Gear is being viewed is repositioning the way television is consumed." (Chris Evans) = our ratings show that it is becoming more popular to watch TV programmes at different times and on different platforms; 9. Knock it on the head = stop doing something; 10. Get used to something = become accustomed to something and gradually accept it.