10 English Idioms : Having an Argument

Idioms discussed in this podcast: 1. to lose your temper with sby = to get angry with sby; 2. to work your fingers to the bone = to do a lot of manual work; 3. that's the pot calling the kettle black = you are a hypocrite; 4. to act out of character = to behave differently to how you normally do; 5. to have a go at sby = to attach sby; to provoke sby into a fight; 6. to bring out the worst in sby = to make sby show their worst behaviour; 7. to be in a minority of one = to have no support for your argument; 8. to rub salt in the wounds = to make a bad situation worse; 9. to rub sby's nose in sth = to boast; to brag; to make people confront their failure; 10. to kiss and make up = to apologise in an affectionate way.